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We sincerely welcome to the website of <D-MIND Technology>.
D-MIND Technology has been growing up to be a front-running enterprise
in the machine parts & mold manufacturing industry since commencement
in 1986 based on the experienced manpower and accumulated technologies
with the motto of the company, "Humanity, responsibility, and sincerity."

Now, entering to the age requiring a new change,
D-MIND Technology accelerates to develop new products and put them
on the domestic and global markets to cope with the market being
matured day by day and keen competitive environment,
and at the same time, promises to provide clients with the
most competitive and advanced products and services,
by strengthening the management strategy one step further through
maintaining the exiting dominant position and intensifying
the investment and meeting the diverse needs from the market.

Executives and employees of D-MIND Technology promise to make
the best endeavors to raise the value of the company and
the products through the ceaseless technology development,
process control and satisfaction of clients based on active and
aggressive pioneering spirit, and to come into the world again as
D-MIND Technology that clients can visit and rely on any time
by understanding the change of the age one step earlier and
by preparing the client-oriented system by the right management unchanged.
Thank you.
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